Wakul app

An interactive app for Indigenous news

Indigenous Australians are creating, accessing and distributing news content like never before. Indigenous and mainstream print and broadcast channels are being challenged and held to account by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders producing our own stories for our own people. Wakul App gathers the stories from traditional and new media Indigenous news sources and centralises them in one place, connecting diverse communities through the new technology they are using.

Wakul gagil ngarraldiyn means "coming together through knowing" in Gathang; the language of the Birpai people.

Wakul gagil ngarraldiyn speaks to the power of knowledge in bringing people together.

What we're creating

Wakul App database and iOS app
  • Database with over 200 Indigenous news sources
  • Archives Open Graph data for news content
  • Archives Indigenous Twitter
  • Public ReSTful API
  • Apps for Web, iOS and Android
  • Interactive map of Aboriginal Australia that shows local news and social media networks as you navigate
  • Trending topics

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The interdisciplinary team

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